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My Story

My first years as a renderer remind me my first day at the gym. I went there with my hopes up, and after 10 minutes on the treadmill, I was feeling exhausted & disappointed.

3D rendering is like muscles, you need to train them, daily, & no matter how hard it seems at the beginning, if you are committed, it becomes so much easier. For those wondering, I still suck at the gym. But my commitment to rendering has definitely paid off.

15 years later, I'm the co-founder of High Q Renders LLC,  an award-winning creative company based in San Francisco, CA & having offices in Greece.

Our portfolio proudly boasts some of the most renowned buildings and hotel brands worldwide, such as the Marriott Hotels & Resorts in NY, the Hilton Hotels in NY, the Ritz Carlton Luxury Residences in Miami and the Hyatt in NY. Our clientele includes celebrity interior designers Kari Whitman & Fox Nahem with clients like President Barack Obama & actors like Jessica Alba, Melanie Griffith & Robert Downey Jr.

I have published several design books on 2D & 3D graphic design, some of which are used in university courses, actively contributing to the formation of the new generations of 3D modelers in my native country, Greece.

My passion for teaching is equal to my enthusiasm for creating photo-realistic renders, that's why I have created a YouTube channel where I share myknowledge, advice, and tips & tricks with you.

My goal is to help young designers who now start their journey. I’ll be sharing the workflow I follow, the settings I use in my renderings, advice on client relationships & the process I followed to scale my business from a one-man show to a 15-members team that keeps growing.